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How to buy a correct sized leather watch band
Watch band wholesale / 2017-05-23
How to buy a leather watch band? 

First, check if the buckle on the current watch band is good enough to switch to the new band. If it's a branded buckle like Omega or Longines or so, save it! Very often even high priced buckles are thrown away as garbage.....while they can be re-used quite easily. 

Then, measure the buckle, on the inside: 

Most ZLIMSN watch buckles, clips and deployment clasps are attached with pushpins or, also called, springbars (alike the ones used to attach the band to the case).  

Remove it from the old band (use a remover tool or a sharp small knife that you place between the band and the buckle, press inwards) 

If you want to switch to a deployment type clasp, make sure the band you choose is not too thick or sturdy.  
 Then, the actual band; what color do you want? Smooth, thin leather? Or a sporty look like Rallye? Thick, crocodile or lizard print? Ostrich perhaps? Or just plain and simple? Or, do you need an open -end / wirelug band? 

Measure the size you need like pictured 

Some bands have the size printed, but when you only have a case that is asking you for a new band; measure the space between the lugs of the case. 

Very often you need even sizes, uneven are not often used. 

Step 2;  Use the search engine in the store. For example, you need a brown crocodile 20 mm watch band? 
Type " brown crocodile 20" in the search engine. Then check what you like and before you buy; check the buckle size in case you are transferring the buckle.  

Step 3; check the length of the watch band you like. Most regular lengths when the two pieces are placed next to each other, including buckle, is 20-21 cm. Everything larger than that is considered to be XL. 

Step 4; buy the band, choose the correct size, choose the color buckle (if there's offered an option to choose), and check if you need a new set springbars / pushpins. All done! 

Step 5; In case you bought an open-end watch band that is pre-glued, follow the next steps
►Insert the first open end into the gap between fixed lug and watch case 
►Apply some nail polish remover to the coating 
►Once the coating feels sticky, fold the open end around the lug 
►Hold the end tight (using a clip) until the band is fixed 
 ►Attatch the other end.
In other cases, use a small drop of 1-second glue, or use the metal pin some vintage band have pre-installed to attatch the ends.  

Hope this helps you choosing the correct size band! 

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